Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saying Goodbyes

Dear Artists, Students and Parents of CWE,

It's with bittersweet news that I announce that this will be my last year teaching Art at CWE. I have had the pleasure over the past 6 years to form and shape the minds of little artists in Fulton County. As I look back, I can hardly realize that I have hoped to inspire nearly 5000 students.  My move will be to Greenville, SC.  I hope to immerse myself in the wonderful Art culture that is there. I promise to try and visit and wish all my little artists to keep making ART.  Thank you for welcoming me into the lives of your children and into your school, the pleasure was all mine!  

Maggie Ball and Melissa Gunter will be the new teachers for next year.  Please welcome them as much as you have made me part of your families. 

I will miss you dearly,

Ms. Kelli Hollern

Monday, April 9, 2012

2nd grade Yoga Sculptures

2nd Grade students studied the artwork of George Segal - a sculpture artist who used plaster to create his Pop Art styled sculptures. Students mimicked his style by using foil and paper mache to create Yoga style people. STudents had fun posing and doing gesture drawings to get the form of their figures and then getting messy with paper mache'!

Paul Klee K self portraits.

Kindergarteners studied Paul Klee and his portrait work. We discussed how color conveys emotions in artwork. Students drew self portraits with different emotions and then painted them according to their emotions.

Organic Shaped Octopus!

These goofy organic shaped octopus are on the loose! Kindergarten learned about octopus and finding organic shapes in nature. They used newspaper and paper mache to create their creatures with painted details!

4 th grade 1 point perspectives

AWESOME 1 Point Perspective drawings. 4th grade students created great drawings, a technique I didn't learn until high school. They used their favorite letters and numbers to inspire them enhancing them with markers and colored pencil. These really look like outer space!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd grade self portraits Fauve's Henri Matisse prints

Students learned about Fauvism and Henri Matisse.

1st grade Howard Finster self portraits

We looked at the Georgia artist Howard Finster for inspiration. We used paint and then wrote on top with oil pastels!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

4th Clay lighthouses

3rd Starry Night coiled clay landscapes

5th Picasso Clay Faces

1st kevin cole sculpture ties

Publish Post

The famous Atlanta Artist and HS teacher Kevin Cole inspired our students to make sculpture ties. Students added patterns to their ties and knotted up a 3d sculpture.

3rd grade frank stella recycled sculptures

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2nd Grade Vessels

2nd graders discussed art history's magical Vessel and it impact on the practical usages throughout time. Students created vessels through slab construction and additive clay techniques.