Thursday, March 25, 2010


MAY 6, 2009 - THURSDAY
Framed student work, TAG art display, Artist of month wall of fame, piano music, refreshments, teacher auction
6-8 pm cwe cafeteria
**frames and artowork can be purchased for 30$, all profits go to CWE art program. Frames provided by artome.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art Nouveau Style for 4th grade Self portraits!

4th grade students have been preparing artwork inspired by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian Artist who invented the ART NOUVEAU style. He loved to use gold, metallics, and also lots of pattern in his paintings. Below you can see our students using metallic paints to start their self portraits for the Art Show.


Cogburn Woods Student Artshow
March 6, 2010
6-8 PM Cafeteria
Over 1000 peices of Students Works
Refreshements and Music Provided
All artwork can be purchased for 30$ in frames. Proceeds go to CWE art dep.
Frames Provided by Artome!