Monday, October 31, 2011

Artome' for the Artshow!!

We are very lucky to have Artome sponsor our Artshow this year. They will be framing and matting each piece of student artwork for us. Each frame is black and is double matted. They really make the artwork standout!!

If you would like to purchase the artwork in the frame, the cost is $30.00. Part of the money raised from the art show goes to the Art Department. Monies raised from last years show is helping the 4th grade students attending the HIGH Museum of Art this year for their field trip in December. Our Art department was able to donate $1000.00 to save on busing cost for the trip. Other monies raised have gone to student incentives, art resources, sink for the outdoor art room, supplies.

The night isn't about raising money for CWE art, the night is about celebrating the best young artists of CWE. Please come out and join us for the night!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot dogs and Cool Cats 1st grade

First grade students made wonderful cats and dogs inspired by the artist Laurel Burch. We used a glue resist to create patterns, then chalk pastel for our warm and cool color combination. Students then created a great frame around each animal with the opposite color scheme used.

2nd Grade Silhouette Trees

Negative and Positive Space was a huge topic for our art students in 2nd grade, students created tints and shades in their negative space. They used black silhouettes with a spooky vibe for their positive spaces.

Friday, October 7, 2011


The CWE Art Show
December 8, 2011
CWE Cafeteria

Framing and setup sponsored by Artome'.
Frames are available for purchase for $30 with artwork installed.
Pre-sale will avaialble this year.

5th grade color wheels

5th grade students created beautiful color wheels by learning how mix colors. Students focused on mastering how to create intermediate colors. Students also had to show the complementary color scheme by adding the opposite color on their design.