Friday, November 19, 2010

1st grade textured fall still life

Value, shadow, texture, painting, drawing, composition, collage, still life as all elements our 1ST graders used in creating their fall still life pictures. Student examined the artwork of famous still life artists, real objects, and used exaggerated imagination to create their still life. There is 6 different kinds of texture on their artwork, can you spot them all???

Kindergarten Texture Prints

Kindergarten has been hard at work discovering texture. Students first rubbed with crayon to create textures on paper, then collage the paper in their season color pile of leaves. Students added many printed leaves on top.

5TH Grade self portrait pop art doodle prints!

Students created a doodled background of their most popular famous items that described them! Then our students created a reductive self portrait print from photography to finish off this Warhol inspired piece!

5th grade artwork showcased

Fifth grade has been secretly holding their artwork for the art and can finally reveal their amazing works! They did a color study with painting and composition techniques. These few examples show exceptional painting ability! Great job!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cogburn Woods Reflections Winners!!

Entries submitted for Judging at the Council Level:

Film Production
Urvi Iyer 5th Grade

Musical Composition
Nishant Baglodi, 3rd Grade
Adrien Mirchandani, 3rd Grade

Myiesha Rahman, 1st Grade
Lavanya Hariharan, 2nd Grade
Shreya Puvvula, 3rd Grade
Aarav Jani, 3rd Grade
Roshni Hariharan, 4th Grade
Srijita Nandy, 5th Grade
Ryan Sadighian, 5th Grade

Adrien Mirchandani, 3rd Grade
Lexi Skinner, 4th Grade
Mikayla Cummings, 4th Grade

Visual Arts
Shweta Awasthi, Kindergarten
Myiesha Rahman, 1st Grade
Disha Baglodi, 1st Grade
Aarni Iyer, 2nd Grade
Soumya Patel, 2nd Grade
Aarav Jani, 3rd Grade
Matthew Collins, 3rd Grade
Aroun Awasthi, 4th Grade
Roshni Hariharan, 4th Grade
Frida Johansson, 5th Grade
Katy Miner, 5th Grade