Thursday, September 15, 2011

4th grade Wayne Thiebaud Form Desserts

4th grade studied the delicious POP Art of Wayne Thiebaud. Students learned to draw form from shape, then paint with tints and shades. Students realized to make something realistic and show form, they needed a light source to create a shadow. We also discussed composition, repeating and spacing that he used in his artworks.

3rd Grade Jasper Johns Initals and Numbers

2nd Grade Lois Ehlert Collages

2nd Grade students looked at the author and illustrator Lois Ehlert. She created collages for her famous books! The students created their own warm and cool color paper, then the students used that paper to create their charming bird collages. Each bird is unique and lives in a habitat.

Eric Carle Color Wheel Collage Flowers

First grade students learned about the illustrator and author Eric Carle. He loved to create his own paper with paint and texture, then use it for collages. The students added various papers, pattern and oil pastel bugs to finish their color wheel collages.

Kindergarten Winslow Homer Sailboats

Kindergarten Students learned all about Winslow Homer. We discovered that Winslow loved to paint oceans and boats. We looked at the water to find lines and in the sail boats we found geometric shapes. The students used the primary colors for their boats and secondary color oil pastel lines for details.