Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kindergarten Collage houses

This project was also used for the art show, collage houses inspired by the bright colors of Georgia Artist Beverly Buchanan. Students used fun papers, oil pastels and other items to make their fabulous houses.

Special Thanks for Art Show Helpers

Big Thank You to student council members, Mr. Clemenz, CWE Piano Players, and Staff.
Our artists did an amazing job this year.

2nd Grade stitched Landscapes.

Our students learned the 3 different layers of a landscape and came up with a beautiful stitched, painted and woven piece of art! These were featured at the show. They did a great job combining many different skills.

1st grade clay fish

1st graders create slab clay fish for the art show. Students designed, added texture and glaze these fun fish!! They looked beautiful the night of the Show. Many compliments.

Kindergarten Texture Sculpture Bugs

Kindergarten used a variety of texture creating technique to create their giant bugs. Students discussed what makes a piece of art 3d and a sculpture and how to manipulate their paper in the sculpture works. Students used materials such as textured painted paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, sandpaper, and clear lamination to create these symmetrical fun bugs

4th grade Middle Eastern Metal Radial Designs

Fourth grade students started their sculpture unit by working with a heavy grade foil. The resisted and relieved the foil into beautiful radial designs. The students were inspired by artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian from Iran and middle eastern radial designs.

Third grade M.C. Escher Impossible Houses

Students in third grade learn out negative space and effect the overall look of the house. Students used analogous colors with watercolor when designing their impossible fun houses!

3rd Grade Jim Dine Collagraphs

Third graders learned how to make collagraph prints in the style of Jim Dine. We looked at the Artist from Ohio and we investigate style of Pop Art in Art.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5th grade Zentangles!! Beautiful Black and white value drawings, created by visual textures

Monday, October 31, 2011

Artome' for the Artshow!!

We are very lucky to have Artome sponsor our Artshow this year. They will be framing and matting each piece of student artwork for us. Each frame is black and is double matted. They really make the artwork standout!!

If you would like to purchase the artwork in the frame, the cost is $30.00. Part of the money raised from the art show goes to the Art Department. Monies raised from last years show is helping the 4th grade students attending the HIGH Museum of Art this year for their field trip in December. Our Art department was able to donate $1000.00 to save on busing cost for the trip. Other monies raised have gone to student incentives, art resources, sink for the outdoor art room, supplies.

The night isn't about raising money for CWE art, the night is about celebrating the best young artists of CWE. Please come out and join us for the night!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hot dogs and Cool Cats 1st grade

First grade students made wonderful cats and dogs inspired by the artist Laurel Burch. We used a glue resist to create patterns, then chalk pastel for our warm and cool color combination. Students then created a great frame around each animal with the opposite color scheme used.